The “Lock N Load” Billionaires

Baruger’s immediate family was quickly informed

They consisted of two cold, greedy, immoral sons and their spoiled wives and six children attending boarding schools and elite universities. The funeral was set five days at a cemetery at the family section. before the will was disclosed to the family. Then, Baruger’s attorney called the closest family members for the reading of the will at the deceased’s mansion at the Hamptons in New York.Several days later, at the set time and place, the two sons and their wives, with only one child arrived at the mansion for the reading. They were greeted by the billionaire’s personal staff who offered them their condolences. All gathered in the hallway entrance but were called to meeting in the main living room. As they sat down, the brothers knew roughly what they would get out of their father’s money, which was his billions at the exact same amount.

The estate lawyer, Mr. G. Harwell arrived fifteen minutes later

carrying a black leather briefcase. He sat at a table at the back of the living room and prepared the papers, especially the will he was about to read. Harwell began the meeting with a general introduction of himself and a brief but unnecessary reason why he was there – to officiate the reading of the will.When the family was seated, Harwell began reading the will:If you’re listening to this, it means I’m dead. I. Robert A Baruger, have lived a steady, fortunate life and am blessed with much of what life has had to offer me. Unfortunately, I have been disappointed with my family- two immoral sons, Robert and Stanley and their poor excuses of wives…  slots     “The sons looked at each other with puzzled and angry looks on their faces. Their wives wore smug looks on their faces.”But I am proud of my servants who have been with me through thick and thin. They have been loyal and have cared for me during urgent times of need… That being said, I give to each of Robert and Stanley a total of $1,000 each and the ten members of my home staff I give $10 billion to be divided equally amongst themselves. This is all I have to say. – Robert A. Baruger”.

The brothers stared at the lawyer for five minutes

, in silence, shock and disbelief. The wives stared wide eyes at each other. The next five minutes shouting and yelling echoed throughout the mansion. “His servants. They get all the money???!!!” The shouting intensified substantially. They yelled obscenities at the lawyer and cursed the staff for receiving “their” billions of dollars.

After the confusion, when all the family had left, all of Baruger’s staff were invited into the living room and each was told that their employer’s will stated that they would be receiving billions of dollars. All of them laughed because they couldn’t believe it. As a matter of fact, the lawyer gave each of the staff members received a check already made out to each for $1 billion a person. But they just looked at each other in disbelief when their eyes spotted the amount. For the next half hour, they quietly and happily talked amongst themselves. All of them admitted they had been worried what they would be doing to earn money after Mr. Baruger’s death. They assumed most of them would leave, and “scattered to the winds”. They never expected they would get so much money.