How to reattach a detached gutter

With storms or storms our gutters are put to the test and it is quite common for our rainwater collection system to be damaged. Different factors that happen when a storm occurs such as the weight of water, snow, ice, or gusts of air can cause gutters to detach. When this happens, it is best to place the detached gutter as soon as possible to avoid a larger-caliber break in the ducts and this means a greater outlay on the repair.

In this post we are going to learn the different ways that exist to place a rain gutter that has left its place, we will also talk about the reasons why the gutters come off and the importance of speed to solve this type of problem.

Remember that it is very important to find a good gutter installer so that the job is perfect from the first moment.

Install a detached gutter

When the roof is in good condition, the supports for the gutters can be installed on the tiles themselves. This is only possible if we have a construction that has tiles that have an eave.

When there is a big storm or a very strong storm there are times when the tiles move. The same happens when roof repairs are carried out, when professionals step between the tiles, they can move and cause leaks, breaks, etc., for this reason, you have to know how to choose a good installer who works professionally and thus cause us the least possible damage.

Why does a rain gutter come off?

On many occasions, landslides occur because the necessary maintenance has not been carried out in each case or because a deep cleaning of the rain gutters has not been carried out.

Before placing the gutters, it is important to carry out a study that reflects the amount of rainfall that exists in the area in order to install the perfect gutter in each case with its relevant inclination. On many occasions, it happens that the choice of channels is not correct and therefore does not support the weight of the rains in the area and ends up breaking.

It may also be the case that the installation and choice of the gutter have been correct but a storm has surprised the installation and it has not been able to withstand it. When this happens, there is a failure of some of the supports or of some of the ducts of the gutter, preventing a correct evacuation of the water.

Repair storm gutters

Normally when there are houses in which they have a flat facade, the repairs of the gutters are carried out directly on that facade.

The first step to take is to identify the problem. We must find out if the gutter has come out of its support or if it has been the support that has moved from the facade since the way to repair it would be different.

When the problem identified refers to the fact that the support has come off, the most normal thing is that the facade must first be repaired, and then the support must be installed. Before carrying out the installation, it is necessary to assess whether it is possible to reuse the same piece or if, on the contrary, it must be replaced with a new one. In the event that the option of replacing certain parts is considered, it may be good to consider the option of installing aluminum gutters that are more resistant and last longer over time.

Repair shingles and install gutters

This type of installation is safer and is practically the same as the other system mentioned except that the gutters are placed under the tiles.

To do a good job, it will be necessary to remove the affected tiles from the building before placing the detached gutter. Once the supports have been placed in the correct place so that the gutters can be hooked, it is time to readjust the tiles in place.

However, the most advisable thing is to notify a professional in the sector who will advise you, explain the procedure to follow and of course, avoid a bad installation to avoid future problems.

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