Collateral Damage!

Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer Hollywood movie

that released in early 2002 and did not do quite well in the box office as it, unfortunately, was adversely affected by the collateral damage caused by the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attack. If it were indeed, it’d be an extremely unnecessary and unwarranted exercise of writing a review at this irrelevant juncture. Therefore, let us drive out the sad memories of the terror attack that crept in unintentionally from our mind and concentrate on the ‘lighter’ side with this piece which is about a normal office-but filled with quite a sizeable number of employees filling two floors of a building in the prime location of a city-on a normal day.Routine activities were going on since the uneventful morning of that normal work-day like it had been going on for ages. Files moving into the desks of the senior executives and moving out in due course; the steaming cups of teas coming into various desks of the two floors with some hungry or greedy souls asking for the hot snacks available outside at cheap prices and the empty crockery being cleared away in due course; and of course, some visitors on business or time-pass had been moving in and out of various rooms or chambers. It was absolutely a normal day with no indication for any trouble.

“Anything’s the matter Sir?”

although he normally didn’t use the ‘sir’ and addressed him often by name which, incidentally was, say Ramesh.”Mind your business… Now! Give me the damn files!” Ramesh was glaring up at him like a demon.The junior decided to remain silent till the job was over; however, he failed to prevent an equally gloomy countenance from taking full control of his face. Ramesh never asked him to sit and kept on shouting, unnecessarily as the junior reasoned silently, for about fifteen minutes at the end of which he finally signed the approval with a sullen face. The junior felt sufficiently insulted and humiliated, and was relieved nobody came in during the storm. He almost ran to his room and sat down heavily in his chair-his face contorting as if with terrible indigestion.  slots At that very moment the jovial ever-smiling accountant came in with some more files to get his remarksnoted before forwarding the same to the higher authority. Now, the junior stared at him demonically not even asking him to sit and kept on finding errors in the accountant’s notes on the files, absolutely unnecessarily as the shaken accountant reasoned silently, and kept on shouting dismissing him in quick fury. The accountant almost ran to the staff room, sat down gloomily in his chair and rested his distorted face in his folded hands over the desk avoiding looking at the other members of staff around in the large room filled with cubicles.