Business Directory of Bangladesh

Hello, everyone, I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There was a time when I saw people were using phone books, which was so called yellow page. There were address and contact numbers on that book. If you are looking for a business company you have to find their numbers and then call them.

Now, in this modern era, everything is online

So, why not a yellow page? Today I will share my experience with you all regarding the business directory of Bangladesh.It was a hard time for me. After the graduation, I was unable to get a decent job. Interviews were all I was having through the whole day. No result but “you are not selected”. I was drowning in frustration. I was thinking of starting a new business back then. Opening a super shop was my dream, then I decided to go for my dreams, I settle my mind that I will do the hard work and I will get succeed. I had to set a good communication with other companies. For juices, I have to contact the juice companies, for ice cream I have to contact the ice cream companies. I was in rush searching their contact numbers to stable a communication

There are many business directories in Bangladesh

, most of them are popular and well managed. A yellow page has to provide the right information. People visit a yellow page or business directory to get information about a particular organization. Wrong information can be misleading for the visitor. So, I was also thinking about the authentication of their information.
I clicked randomly one or two websites, the 1st one was, It was well organized, there were many business sectors, I was feeling relieved. In the food and beverage sector, I found what I needed. There were categories and subcategories of business. Soon I learned that I was not the only person who is getting help from this website. Some of my friends were also the regular visitor of addressbazar.comThere were other sectors of business which also provide benefits for my business.   slots   did provide a crucial help for my business. I was thinking about how to use more effectively, and so I got listed as a member of their website. Now, my business is in a suitable position. Customers are increasing, business relationships are increasing, and my hard works are paying off.