3 Fun U6 Soccer Drills You Can Apply


Soccer drills are an important part of teaching soccer to children. Many people don’t know about the many benefits of U6 soccer drills. This is a crucial part of any coaching session. These drills are a great way to get a better understanding of the positive aspects that U6 soccer offers.

U6 Soccer Drills

The passing drill is a popular U6 soccer drill. The passing drill involves placing 2 cones ten yards apart. Five players must line up behind each cone. One player must start with the ball on one of the lines, and then pass it to the opposite player.

Once the ball is passed, the first player must run to the other side of the cones and then to the end line. The process continues until all players have had an opportunity to pass the ball at least once.

When you first start using this www spbo exercise, you should allow your players to have 2 touches on the ball. This is necessary to not only trap the ball but also to pass the ball.

U6 Soccer Drills

This fun drill will teach U6 soccer players how to dribble and have quick responses. Mark a 10-yard block using red cones. Every kid will start a drill on the block by dribbling a soccerball.

As the players are dribbling, the coach will call out the name to the specific part of their body. Then the players must touch the ball with as much speed as they can. Once they have touched the actual body part of the ball, they can continue to dribble the actual ball.

Once the children have learned the basics of the drill, it will be more difficult to call out parts of their bodies to touch the ball. For instance, right foot, left knee and nose. Or perhaps a collaboration will be called out that requires players to join together, such as 2 left hips, 12 fingers, or 4 right feet.

3 – U6 Soccer Drills

Begin by placing the players in two lines about 15-20 feet apart. Each pair of players must pass a ball to the other.

The drill will see players draw a soccer ball forward and backwards together until the signal is given by the coach. The signal is given by the coach and the ball must be drawn towards the partner with the sole of their foot. The coach can use this sign word to create new uses or fake out the players.

It’s mutually beneficial if you make the U6 soccer drills worthwhile. You will find that the players will come to training gladly, knowing they will have a lot of fun with their friends. Therefore, you can teach them basic principles of passing and receiving, as well as dribbling. Once they are comfortable with these basic soccer principles, it’s possible to move on to shooting, headers and other challenging concepts.